Jillian Jin #14

Full Name

Jillian Rose Jin

Graduation Year



Renton, Washington


International Affairs with a Minor in Gender Studies




November 6th, 1998

Any family members who play/played collegiate sports

My brother Rickie played baseball at Green River CC

Favorite restaurant in Portland

I don’t have a favorite restaurant, but I love eating at the food carts!

Favorite spot in Portland

Japanese Gardens or Powell’s

Favorite athlete

Klay Thompson

Hobbies besides basketball

Reading, going to concerts, exploring in general, and hanging with family and friends

Favorite part of being a Student-Athlete at L&C

My favorite part about going to school at Lewis & Clark is that I am able to take challenging courses at a great school, while playing a sport that I love. I also love the campus and the small class sizes. For basketball, my favorite part is how supportive my coaches and teammates are!